Dynamical Meteorology and Climatology Unit

Manuscripts under review

Docquier, D.S. Vannitsem, A. Bellucci, C. Frankignoul (2022). Interactions between ocean heat budget terms in HighResMIP climate models measured by the rate of information transfer. EGUsphere [preprint].

Docquier, D.S. Vannitsem, A. Bellucci (2022). The rate of information transfer as a measure of ocean-atmosphere interactions. EGUsphere [preprint].

Fuentes-Franco, R., D. Docquier, T. Koenigk, K. Zimmermann, F. Giorgi (in review). Winter heavy precipitation events over Northern Europe modulated by a weaker NAO variability by the end of the 21st century. Submitted to npj Climate and Atmospheric Science.

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