Dynamical Meteorology and Climatology Unit

David Docquier

Postdoc researcher

Research interests

  • Ocean - atmosphere and ocean - sea ice interactions
  • Causality analyses, e.g. application of the Liang-Kleeman information flow method to climate problems
  • Use of data from global climate models (e.g. CMIP6) and satellite observations

3 recent publications

Docquier, D.S. Vannitsem, F. Ragone, K. Wyser, X. S. Liang (2022). Causal links between Arctic sea ice and its potential drivers based on the rate of information transfer, Geophysical Research Letters, 49(9).

Fuentes-Franco, R., T. Koenigk, D. Docquier, F. Graef, K. Wyser (2022). Exploring the influence of the North Pacific Rossby wave sources on the variability of summer atmospheric circulation and precipitation over the Northern Hemisphere. Climate Dynamics.

Docquier, D., Koenigk, T. (2021). Observation-based selection of climate models projects Arctic ice-free summers around 2035. Communications Earth & Environment 2 (144).

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