Dynamical Meteorology and Climatology Unit


16/02/2023: "Sea ice - ocean interactions in the Arctic", Online presentation given by David Docquier in the framework of the European Marine Board Science Webinars.

09/12/2022: "For Dummies: How Arctic sea ice and the AMOC interact", EGU Cryoblog post by David Docquier.

24/10/2022: "Sea ice - ocean interactions in the Arctic", Online presentation given by David Docquier in the framework of the European Marine Board Navigating the Future VI workshop.

14/10/2022: "Did you know the differences between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice?", EGU Cryoblog post by Hayat Nasirova and David Docquier.

12/10/2022: Visit of RMI by young people (18-25 yrs old) from Service Citoyen. Presentations in FR about: a) the weather station given by Alex Dewalque, b) IPCC report and urban heat island by Rafiq Hamdi, and c) climate changes in polar regions by David Docquier.

18/09/2022: "Simple is good: How we understand climate using idealised models", EGU Blogs post by Anupama K Xavier, Oisin Hamilton, and Stépahne Vannitsem.

13/05/2022: "Ice-hot news: A cryo-summary of the new IPCC assessment report!", EGU Cryoblog post by Clara Burgard, David Docquier, Maria Scheel and Larissa van der Laan.

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