Dynamical Meteorology and Climatology Unit

Most prominent achievements

  • The development of a theory of the error growth in unstable dynamical systems and its application to low and intermediate order atmospheric models
  • The modelling of the quaternary glaciations and the discovery of the phenomenon of stochastic resonance, providing a qualitative explanation of the sensitivity of the climatic system to weak external forcings
  • The discovery of the chaotic nature of the dynamics of the quaternary glaciations and its modelling
  • The development of statistical prediction models and their use in the classification and prediction of weather and hydrological regimes
  • The investigation of the dynamics of realistic operational regional models
  • The development of a theory of recurrent events and extreme values in the context of deterministic systems
  • The development of data assimilation shemes taking into account of the deterministic nature of model errors
  • The discovery of mechanisms for the development of atmospheric low-frequency variability through coupling with the ocean
  • The development of statistical postprocessing techniques for weather and climate forecasts

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